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 Sasha of Vinitsa

Adopted 12 December 2009 in Vinitsa, Varna, Bulgaria









































Sasha went into renal failure April 29, 2012. 

 His left kidney suddenly became very hard and he stopped eating and drinking. 

 I immediately took him to the vet less than 24 hours after he stopped eating. 

 It was also discovered Sasha has a heart murmur and some liver damage. 

 His right kidney is smaller than average and still functioning, but not at 100%.

 As it stands, he has good days and he has not-so-good days. 

 Unfortunately, he will not tolerate Sub-Qs, so when I see he is not drinking enough water, 

 I force feed the water 2-3ml at a time in 12ml sessions. He also tolerates this well.

 Sasha had a sonogram last week and the vet stated Sasha is not doing well. 

 However, as sick as he is, he is still holding at 9.5 pounds and a vet tech who attempted Sub-Q's 

 could not believe he looked so well with such poor blood work and diagnosis. 

Below photos were taken May 25, 2012

(Belly was shaved for sonogram)