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Copyright Registration #: V Au 1-198-724
Eagle's Sparrow exclusively owns all intellectual property rights and copyright to all
photography, images, logos, designs, and text which appear on all platforms, including, but not limited to:
All rights are reserved under the Copyright Law of the United States, which extends internationally.
Eagle's Sparrow does not, under any circumstance, grant permission or license to:
individuals; websites; online marketplaces; online stores; brick and mortar stores; advertising agencies or
any other entity to use any content contained herein or any other platforms listed above.
We regularly search online listings for copyright infringements of our work and
immediately report any actual or suspected infringements that we find to the
individual, the website owner, the online marketplace, the online store, the search engine,
the brick and mortar store, the advertising agency or any other entity that may infringe upon our rights.
Failure to abide by this notice constitutes copyright infringement and Eagle's Sparrow will
prosecute infringement to the fullest extent the law allows.

Eagle's Sparrow also prohibits the resale of any item listed for sale on any of our websites or reproducing any of our images or text for resale elsewhere.
We are not wholesalers.